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Home The BlogA Rare Pear-Shaped Yellow Diamond Expected to Fetch $15 Million at Auction

A Rare Pear-Shaped Yellow Diamond Expected to Fetch $15 Million at Auction

The world’s largest pear-shaped fancy vivid yellow diamond is expected to sell for $11 to $15 million, at auction next week. pear shaped fancy diamond The yellow diamond was only discovered last year in South Africa and was cut into its current pear-shape weighing a whopping 110.03 carat. Since its discovery the diamond has been on exhibition at the London Natural History Museum, and then travelled the world, finally arriving in Geneva ready for auction next week. The diamond has been named the ‘Sun-Drop Diamond’ and boasts the highest colour grading of vivid yellow diamonds and is the largest known diamond of its kind. The diamond will be sold individually - not set into a jewellery piece. So it’s up to the new owner to decide how the glorious ‘Sun-Drop Diamond’ will be set. Maybe the pear-shaped diamond will be set into a diamond ring or a diamond pendant. The auction also features a collection of jewels given by the Ottoman Empire's Sultan Abdul Hamid II to the wife of the Khedive of Egypt in the late 19th century - including a diamond necklace, a brooch and a pair of earrings. There is great hope for the fancy vivid yellow diamond, with a 24.78-carat fancy intense pink diamond selling for a record-breaking $46 million last year.