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A Striking Bespoke Made Diamond and Sapphire Pendant

We were recently asked by a customer to re-model a striking large oval shaped blue Ceylon sapphire weighing 8.19 carats into a bespoke pendant design, which the customer also wanted set with diamonds in different shapes and sizes. The customer wanted the pendant to be special and unique. The customer consulted with our jewellery designer to develop a computer image of how the pendant would look. As the Sapphire is an oval shape the customer wanted the design surrounding the Sapphire to fit around it. Once the customer and designer were happy with the pendant design we printed the setting of the pendant into a wax 3D version, which is in the image below. wax model pendant Using the lost wax casting process the pendant setting was cast into 18 carat white gold. We then polished and rhodium coated the setting ready for our goldsmith to set the Sapphire and surrounding diamonds.

Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

The image below shows the stunning finished bespoke diamond and Sapphire pendant. The Sapphire is elegantly claw set at the centre of the pendant and surrounded by pavé set small brilliant cut diamonds around the shape of the Sapphire. The pendant is also set with a mixture of bezel set round and marquise shaped diamonds which are surrounded by even more diamonds. To add more dazzle to the pendant the chain consists of spectacle set marquise shaped diamonds. In total the diamonds set on the stylish pendant total 3.76 carats. sapphire and diamond pendant

Ceylon Sapphires Info

Ceylon Sapphires are genuine Sapphires that are part of the Corundum gem family. Sapphires are excellent for use in jewellery due to their hardness and durability like diamonds. Ceylon Sapphires are mined primarily in Sri Lanka and are known for their unique colour.