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All About the Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut is one of the first cuts to be used in gemstones for jewellery. Its timeless beauty and classic cut make it the perfect choice for vintage inspired diamond set jewellery. The emerald cut in diamonds became extremely popular and fashionable in the 1900 during the Art Deco period, when the multi facet table cut in the stone was introduced.

The Details

The cut of the diamond is often referred to as the ‘Step Cut’, due to its stair step resemblance when viewed from above. The shape of the stone is rectangular and features truncated corners. The cut is comprised with 57 facets, with 25 on the crown of the diamond and 32 on the pavilion, which are basically broad flat lines. Although the emerald cut diamond isn’t as fiery as brilliant cut diamonds, its long flat lines have more dramatic flashes on light.

Our Recommendations

As it’s clearer to see the cut of the diamond, we always recommend opting for a high clarity and colour grade, preferably over VS2 and G colour, as marks yellow tints will be more visible. You should always make sure that the stone you buy is independently certificated from a diamond grading laboratory like GIA, as you will be sure to get what you’re paying for. We also recommend a length to with ration between 1.30 and 1.50 – 1.40 is the best ration and most popular.

Emerald Diamond Engagement rings we have Made

As you may be aware, we manufacture all our jewellery in house at our workshop in Manchester. Check out some of the stunning emerald cut diamond engagement rings we have designed and crafted. 1. A simple solitaire and claw setting emerald diamond single stone engagement ring 2. A bespoke design with the emerald cut diamond set on its side emerald diamond ring 3. The centre stone is flanked with smaller round brilliant cut diamonds either side. emerald cut diamond three stone engagement ring 4. This time the centre emerald cut diamond is flanked by baguette cut diamonds either side. emerald diamond engagement ring with baguette cut diamond side stones