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All About Wedding Ring Profiles

Help With Choosing The Right Plain Wedding Ring Profile

When it comes to buying your wedding ring its not just about the metal, you also need to choose the shape of the band. Whether you opt for a plain, partnered, toned, diamond set or a more elaborate

bespoke wedding ring, we offer five different popular profiles

The profile is the cross-section of a wedding band and has a strong emphasis on the style of ring. The idea is, if you were to cut through the band the profile is the shape you would see.  The shape can most easily be illustrated by cutting an imaginary line through the band, like on the image below. 

If an inner or outer surface is curved, then it’s known as a ‘court’. Flat surfaces are simply called that - ‘flat’ - as are the edges when they have a straight appearance.

There are many different profiles on offer for wedding rings, but the decision you make comes down to personal taste. For ladies the profile will be influenced by the band shape of the 

engagement ring.

wedding ring styles

Flat Court - When worn on the finger, a flat court has a curved surface making it a lot more comfortable to wear. The flat court is a great choice if you are after a chunky, contemporary look but are not used to wearing rings and need something a bit more comfortable.

Flat Court Flat Edge -  The Flat Court Flat Edge, is very similar to the Flat Court profile, however has a flat outer surface, curved inner surface, and flat edges.

Traditional Court Court shaped rings are renowned for their comfort which is mainly as a result of them being slightly rounded on both, their outside and inside. The traditional court shaped ring is the most popular on today's market. The fact that it is rounded on both the inside and outside will ensure that it sits snugly around your finger providing an optimum level of comfort.

Slight Court - The Slight Court, is as the name suggests just slightly curved on the inner and outer surfaces, with rounded edges.

D-Shaped - A D shaped ring is one that has a cross section resembling a D. This is due to its curved outside and flatter inside.

To find out more about wedding ring profiles and the styles we have in our collection, take a look at our wedding ring collection.