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Anniversary gifts for parents - the jewellery guide

Just because anniversaries are special to the couple celebrating, it doesn't mean that you couldn't get your parents something extra special. We believe that the most brilliant and timeless gift is a piece of jewellery. For their next anniversary is the perfect occasion to remodel old family jewellery or bring to life a piece you know your parents would love. Here are Steven Stone suggestions for anniversary gifts for parents

New wedding rings

matching wedding ringsPerhaps your parents' wedding rings are worn out or damaged and you might want to consider replacing them. You can opt for a matching set or pick two different rings to complement each other. For instance, incorporate the gemstone variety or designs from your mother's engagement ring into the new wedding rings set. Alternatively, see the traditional gift suggestions for different anniversaries and choose the appropriate metals or stones. If you want to make a truly personalised present, a bespoke wedding rings set is guaranteed to make an unforgettable anniversary gift for parents. To get the best gift they deserve, browse our wide selection of wedding rings or get in touch to discuss our bespoke services. Make sure you know the right finger sizes, especially if purchasing eternity rings, as rings with diamonds going all the round can not be resized. Ideally, bring both of your parents to our stores to have their finger size measured by our experts.

Matching odd anniversary gifts for parents

If you would like to get your parents something a little different, match ruby bangle bracelet for your mother with a pair of ruby cuff links for your father. Rubies have long symbolised love, passion and power and are the traditional gemstone choice for the 15th and 40th anniversary. Reflect how your parents complete and complement each other in a unique way with an odd, yet matching gift. Alternatively, the pieces could be made of the same precious metals, such as white gold bracelet and a white gold tie pin. The combinations are countless - browse our store and find a piece your parents would love. Get in touch with Steven Stone experts to discuss your concept and find our more about our bespoke jewellery manufacturing process. anniversary gifts for parents - ruby cuff links and bangle bracelet

Although there are no rules, here is what tradition says about choosing anniversary gifts

Precious metals - yellow gold is the traditional choice for the first and 50th anniversary, silver for the 25th and platinum for the 70th jubilee. Diamond jewellery pieces make excellent anniversary gifts for parents for their 10th or 60th anniversary, while Pearls are the timeless classic to give for a 3rd or 30th anniversary. Traditionally, people give jewellery for 20th and 35th and 55th anniversaries and y for 15th, 40th and 80th jubilees. are commonly used incorporated in engagement rings and jewellery gifts for 5th and 45th anniversaries. Browse our wide jewellery selection to find the perfect gift to spoil a beloved one or yourself. Find out more about our manufacturing process at stevenstone.co.uk diamond earring