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Ask the Expert - How to Design your own Engagement Ring

design your own engagement ring Browsing through hundreds of engagement rings not really knowing what you are looking for is a stressful and time consuming task. But tools that allow you to be in control and design your own engagement ring are vastly becoming a popular way to buy and engagement ring. By designing your own engagement ring you are more likely to get the most for your money - leaving your budget in tack, plus the engagement ring will be unique and special – leaving her breathless. Using an engagement ring design tool online, usually begins with two options –
  1. Start by choosing the setting design for the engagement ring
  2. Start by choosing the diamond for the engagement ring.
If you are clued up on diamonds and have done your research, i.e. know about the 4Cs of a diamond – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight, you might want to pick the second option. If, however you are unsure about diamonds the first options allows you to visually see a whole range of engagement ring settings from claw settings, bezel settings and rub over settings, to whether you want a single stone diamond engagement ring update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = solitaire) a three stone diamond engagement ring or an engagement ring with smaller diamonds set on the shoulders of the ring. Once you know what engagement ring setting type you want, you can then choose the metal type you want – the most popular metals are 18 carat white and yellow gold and platinum. You can then pick the diamond you want to add to the setting of the engagement ring. Picking the diamond for the engagement ring often reflects your budget. You need to consider the – Diamond shapeRound brilliant diamonds and princess cut diamond are the most popular for engagement rings. Emerald cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds promote a vintage engagement ring look. Marquise, oval and pear shaped diamonds will elongate small fingers. diamond shapes Diamond carat weigh – the weight of the diamond measured in carats, as the weight of the diamond increases so does the price of the diamond. Diamond clarity – The number of internal flaws or external blemishes a diamond consists of. FI is graded completely flawless. Diamond colour – Most engagement rings include white diamonds. A white diamond is graded it’s highest, usually D for being colourless and lowest Z for being light yellow in colour. diamond colour chart Diamond Cut – the cut of a diamond refers to the proportions of the diamond as opposed to its shape which affects the amount of sparkle a diamond has as a result of light reflecting through the diamond. diamond cut A diamond can either be shallow cut – where light passes straight through the sides causing the diamond to lose brilliance. Deep cut - where light passes through the bottom of the diamond causing the diamond to appear dull and lifeless. Ideal cut – light reflects back through the top of the diamond resulting in maximum brilliance and sparkle.