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Diamond Buying Guide: All about Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity refers to the measurement of internal flaws and impurities a diamond has that occur due to the incredible amount of pressure it takes to create a diamond under the earth’s surface. If a diamond is completely clear with no impurities it’s known in the diamond world as flawless and graded FI. If a diamond is not Flawless it basically means that the diamond will either consist internally with inclusions or appear to have blemishes on the surface. Inclusions inside the cut of the diamond include air bubbles, non diamond minerals and cracks, whereas blemishes on the surface of the diamond include scratches and chips. Like most purchases in life a diamond with little or no blemishes or inclusions is valued higher and more expensive to buy as they are particular rare. Here is a diagram of a diamond clarity rating scale

Which diamond clarity grade should I choose?

Obviously if you want the top quality diamond and have the money to spend FI – completely flawless is the right chose for you. However if you are on a budget diamonds do not have to be completely flawless to be stunning as flaws are extremely difficult to see through the naked eye. After the flawless clarity grade IF comes diamonds with VVS and VS grades which are in fact excellent choices for both value and appearance. Last on our diamond clarity grade is the more affordable SI1- meaning that the diamond is slightly included with minute inclusions and blemishes. So depending on your budget and other specifications, such diamond cut, diamond colour and carat weight you can decide how flawless a diamond you want to buy. Our online diamond search tool will help you with this.