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Diamond Carat Weight Explained

Diamond carat weight is often confused with the size of a diamond, but in fact it is actually a measurement of the diamonds weight in carats. A one carat diamond is the equivalent of 200 milligrams an can also be divided into 100 points – for example a 0.50 carat diamond is the same as 50 points and a half carat diamond. Most Jewellers allow you to choose the diamond carat weight you want or a piece of diamond jewellery whether it’s an engagement ring, diamond pendant or a diamond ring. A diamond with a high carat weight will often appear more brilliant and brighter then diamonds with a lower diamond carat weight. This is due to the prism effect of light travelling over larger distances of the diamond. The weight of the diamond in carats will have an impact on the price of the diamond more dramatically than the three other diamond characteristics – diamond cut, diamond colour and diamond clarity in order to purchases a quality diamond. If you are buying a diamond for an engagement ring or other diamond jewellery piece the diamond carat weight is dependent on your budget, as it’s important to balance the carat weight with diamond colour, clarity and cut. For instance if you pick a diamond with a large diamond carat weigh and a poor cut, colour and clarity grade the diamond will appear less eye catching than a smaller diamond with balanced characteristics. Learn more about diamonds and their characteristics – diamond cut, diamond clarity and diamond colour