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Diamond Earrings Make the Perfect Gift..

Diamond earrings make the perfect gift for someone special and will always be the right fit! Most styles of diamond earrings will go with any outfit for any occasion – whether you are buying diamond stud earrings for everyday wear or diamond drop earrings for evening wear.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings make a perfect gift as they will be eternally fashionable to wear and are an item of jewellery that every girl should own. The simplicity and size of diamond stud earrings makes them easy to wear with either a cocktail dress or casual day wear. The classic style of Diamond earring studs usually consists of round brilliant diamonds or princess cut diamonds. Other diamond shapes, including emerald cut, heart-shaped, cushion cut and pear-shaped. Diamond stud earrings can either be simple with just one diamond on each ear, or be more elaborate, with multiple diamonds on each ear. Here are some examples This style is a classic, simple design of diamond stud earrings where the princess cut diamonds are held in 4-claw white gold settings. . These vintage looking diamond stud earrings beautifully feature a round brilliant diamond held in a rub-over setting with surrounding smaller round brilliant diamonds pavé set around the diamond.

Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamond drop earrings also make a perfect gift as they are glamorous and effortlessly chic. Styles od drop diamond earrings vairy, as they incoporate different diamond shapes, sizes and different numbers of diamonds. Here are some examples. Theses diamond drop earrings feature a teardrop shaped cluster of diamonds. These diamond drop earrings make the perfect gift for someone special as the feature a white gold shape heart crusted with small diamonds