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Engagement ring that suits her - how to find it

Have you decided to tie the knot but are still confused about the ring design? Perhaps you have your mind set on a specific ring, but you’re not quite certain if it’s absolutely perfect and if she would love it? Here are our specialist tips on how to select an engagement ring that suits her.

Image for Diamond Engagement Ring that suits herJewellery and fashion go hand in hand. The best way to figure out her style preferences is by simply going through her wardrobe. Does she like vintage or contemporary looks, clean classic designs with subtle accessories or bold, extravagant clothing and eye-catching accessories? Take a look in her jewellery box. Your best choice is matching the engagement ring to the jewellery she wears and loves the most. Once you have successfully read her style, you’re one step closer to finding the right piece to reflect her, the engagement ring that suits her.

Engagement rings are worn on daily basis, therefore considering her lifestyle is essential. Look out for the ring's setting, precious metal and stone type and size when picking the engagement ring. To avoid capturing dirt, skip engravings and channel set stones and opt for engagement rings with smooth designs. She might be uncomfortable working with a big engagement ring if she uses her hands a lot at work. 3 stone diamond engagement ring that suits her Let’s talk about budget. The best indicator of her stance on accessory price tags is her wardrobe and jewellery. Does she like luxurious designer clothing and accessories? Remember, once she says YES the ring would flatter her hand every day and it needs to complement her outfits, reflect her character and match her style. Ideally, an engagement ring that suits her wouldn't cost less than the jewellery she already has and would be within the same price range.There is no doubt that she deserves the best ring, however she might prefer a more affordable, symbolic expression of your love. If you have already visualized the ultimate ring but can’t seem to find it in stores, take a look at Steven Stone’s bespoke engagement ring services. Our goldsmiths can craft any diamond and gem set ring designs, entirely based on the customer’s requirements and expectations – anything from celebrity diamond ring replicas to remodelling antique family jewellery. You can submit any ideas inspiring your unique design and our experts will collaborate, advise and guide you through every stage of creating your custom-made diamond engagement ring.

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By Kristiana Georgieva