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Expert Guide to Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying the perfect engagement ring is tough, we know. Different metals, various styles and diamond shapes, settings, colours and sizes, online and in store…With nearly a century of experience and excellent reputation, we guarantee superb quality, expert craftsmanship, fair prices and absolute satisfaction with all Steven Stone jewellery. Our specialists are here to guide you to the right diamond ring. Have a look at our Expert Guide to Diamond Engagement Rings to find the best ring and optimize your budget

Understanding the 4Cs

4cs expert guide to diamond engagement ringsThe most important and initial feature to consider is the Cut. A precise, high grade cut can compensate a slightly lower carat, which means getting better value for a diamond with the same apparent size. The Carat measures the diamond’s weight, however does not necessarily affects the size. As for Colour, the less the better, as the perfectly colourless diamonds have the highest prices. If you want to optimize your budget, aim for a nearly colourless diamond, graded G – I. Clarity refers to the diamond’s imperfections, also known as inclusions. It is most important when purchasing step cut diamonds. Remember, the overall looks and value of the diamond are defined by all the combination of its features. For full information and guidance on the crucial 4Cs, visit one of our stores or see our Diamond Guide.

Engagement Ring Trends to rule 2017

Gemstone Engagement rings

Selecting the metal

diamond-jewellery--bespoke--saphire--ruby--emerald--gold--platinum-steven-stone-expert guide to diamond engagement ringsPlatinum remains the classical and most popular choice for diamond engagement ring bands, followed by Yellow Gold, White Gold and the increasingly popular Rose Gold. The metal type selection is entirely up to you and your partner’s tastes. For inspiration and guidance, peek at her jewellery box. The engagement ring should complement the rest of her accessories, especially the ones she wears daily. To find the ring which best matches your preferences and budget, book an appointment with our experts or click here for detailed precious metals characteristics.

Finger sizer for expert guide to diamond engagement ringsFinger size

To put the finger on her hand as soon as she says yes, you need to get her ring size correctly and that can be tricky, especially if the proposal is a surprise. Find her finger size by using another ring as a guide. Measure its inner diameter and compare it to our size guide here. Alternatively bring it to one of our stores for sizing. For more ideas and information on Finger Sizes, click here or visit one of our stores.


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