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Famous Pearls

Pearls are among the world's oldest gems, and since they were first discovered, they have remained some of the world’s most sought-after and most revered gems. Throughout time, there have occasionally been a few pearls discovered that stand out among even these rare gems. Many of these famous pearls are thousands of years old and are still around to be admired today. These pearls are remarkable reminders of the rich pearl history.

The Imperial Hong Kong Pearl

The Imperial Hong Kong Pearl is one of the largest natural south sea pearls ever found. The pearl measures 26 by 39 mm and weighs an astounding 127.5 carats, the equivalent to 25.5 grams. This impressive pearl is believed to have once belonged to the Royalty of China and Purchased by the Imperial in Hong Kong in the 1940s – giving its name. The pearl has been set in a platinum and diamond pendant with a platinum leaf on top. The pearl was formed in Pinctada Maxima and ia a natural south sea gem measuring 26x39 mm.

The Hope Pearl

The hope pearl is most probably the largest and most famous of natural pearls in the world, discovered off the coast of the West Indies in the early 17th century. The pearl weighs 126 carats and is described as an irregular pear shaped pearl. The pearl has been set into a pendant with a crown shaped setting featuring diamonds and other precious gem stones.

The Big Pink Pearl

The Big Pink Pearl made the Guinness Book of Records after it was discovered in 1990 in California. The pearl weighs an impressive 470 carats and in 1991 the pearl was valued at $4.7 million. Due to its unique shape it is described as a baroque abalone pearl.

The Abernathy Pearl

The Abernathy Pearl is a remarkable natural freshwater pearl and is the most perfect of pearls discovered in the rivers of Scotland in 1967. The pearl is a rare find at 44-grains with its outstanding quality, nicknamed “The Little Willie Pearl”.