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How to Choose a Diamond

  1. Look at Diamond Color and Cut

    • 1
      View a variety of emerald cut diamonds to see which colors jump out at you. This is an especially favorable cut for fancy, or colored, diamonds.
    • 2
      Assess color for consistency across the face of the diamond. Any light spots or "waves" of color will be highly visible in this cut because of the flatter facets.
    • 3
      Ask the dealer for help in evaluating the cut of individual stones. Emerald-cut diamonds that are "stacked" too high will appear unbalanced, while shallow cuts will affect the diamond's brilliance.

    Scrutinize Stones for Clarity

    • 1
      Turn the stone in strong light to look for visible flaws. These are highly undesirable in emerald cuts, which should appear smooth and glassy.
    • 2
      Examine stones under a jeweler's magnifier for smaller flaws. Any underlying color should be uniform. The stone should appear "clean," even at 10x enlargement, without visual specks or streaks.
    • 3
      Continue to test the clarity of stones by viewing them in various light environments, including natural daylight. The angle of light hitting diamonds can illuminate flaws or reveal another aspect of their color and brilliance.

    Select Your Desired Setting

    • 1
      View finished jewelry pieces, such as rings and pendants, that contain emerald-cut diamonds and possibly other smaller diamonds or gemstones. Choose balanced pieces whose size and shape complement each other, as well as your body type.
    • 2
      Consult the jeweler for advice on which metals, such as gold, white gold or platinum, are best for different types of jewelry pieces.
    • 3
      Choose the ideal combination of high-quality, appealing diamond and jewelry setting, or elect to have a loose stone set for you.
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