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How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring at Home

One of the benefits of buying a diamond engagement ring from Steven Stone is our free diamond cleaning service. However we know that a lot of our customers live too far away from our Cheshire show room to come in regularly to get their diamond to sparkle like it did when you said yes! Round diamond engagement ring It’s a common fact that over time diamonds might lose their shine due to dirt gathering on the surface. Don’t worry this is normal and can easily be fixed with home remedies that will make your diamond ring shine like new. All you need is some simple ingredients like soap water and ammonia. Princess diamond engagement ring

Tips to Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home and Make it Shine Like New

Soap Water – Probably one of the simplest tips to clean a diamond at home and works well every time. Firstly you need to get rid of any dirt that may have gathered on the back of the ring from sweat and grime. You can do this with a tooth pick or a safety pin. You then need to soak the diamond ring in soap water for 10 minutes. Once soaked, use a clean toothbrush to rub away the dirt on the stone, which in turn will bring back the diamonds shine and your ring will have its sparkle back. Ammonia – Another tip is to use ammonia to clean your diamond ring at home. Not only will this remove dust and dirt, it will make the diamond gleam when light catches it. All you need to do is combine 1 part ammonia with 3 parts water in a small bowl. Leave the ring to soak for 10 minutes and occasionally swirl with a tooth pick. By this point all the dirt should be removed, but for extra dazzle use a toothbrush to clean the stone. To finish, take the ring out of the bowl and wash it with hot water then dry and polish it with a lint-free cloth. Now you know the secrets to home cleaning you can make your ring sparkle like the first day you wore it.