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How to Design Your Own Interlocking Wedding Ring

Interlocking wedding rings are a popular choice for many brides to be as it allows the wedding ring and the diamond engagement ring to slot together to create one ring. Many choose to design their of interlocking engagement ring and wedding ring sets to ensure the design and diamonds match their exact preferences.

Steps for Designing your Own Interlocking Wedding Ring

These steps will help you design the perfect wedding ring to interlock with your diamond engagement ring leaving you happy with your set for many years to come.

 Firstly to get an idea on different styles of interlocking engagement ring and wedding ring styles visit you local jewellers so you can try them to see what styles suit your fingers. A close up inspection will help you determine how you need the wedding ring to fit exactly round your engagement ring. You can also search online for more inspiration. Although you want to completely design your own ring, it will defiantly help to look at other rings first.

The next step is to select a jeweller. You can either go to your local jeweller or do a search for an online jeweller, who specialise in creating bespoke engagement rings and wedding rings. With an online jeweller you can communicate with them the design you want for your interlocking engagement ring plus its always cheaper to shop for fine jewellery and diamonds online as prices are extremely competitive.

Finally, you need to select any stones or diamonds you want to incorporate in the design of your interlocking wedding ring design, which you can discuss with the jeweller. If you want diamonds on your rings do your own research on the 4Cs of a diamond the cut of the diamond, the diamond colour grade, the diamond clarity grade and the carat weight of the diamond. You may also want to incorporate other gemstones in the design like sapphires and rubies, which are available to buy from most jewellers.

Examples of Interlocking Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

bespoke interlocking engagement and wedding ring marquise diamond engagement ring with interlocking wedding ring intrelocking engagement ring and wedding ring interlocking wedding ring

If you like the styles of our interlocking wedding rings, get in touch with one our designers to find out more about our bespoke creations.