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How to Plan a Marriage Proposal

So you have decided you want to pop the question to your current girlfriend and all you can think of is – How do I propose? Here are a few tips that hopefully, will fill you with ideas for proposing and places to propose to make your perfect proposal to your girlfiend as romantic and personal as possible. What is her personality? The first step is to think about your girlfriend’s personality and what her dream proposal would be. Is your girlfriend a party animal or is she shy and reserved? These are important points to consider if you are planning a private proposal or a proposal in front of people in a public place. If your girlfriend is shy and doesn’t like to be the centre of attention proposing in a restaurant or a public place in front of a crowd of people is not the right move and may make the whole experience awkward. Think of something original Brides like to talk about their other halfs proposed and show off their engagement rings, so it’s important for your marriage proposal to be original and not the same as her friends. A good place to start is to incorporate both of personal interests you both share into the way you decide to propose - maybe dinner in your favourite restaurant, a hobby/activity you both do together, a meal at home or something more extravagant and outgoing that suites her personality. Read the signs Does your girlfriend regular hint that she wants more romance in your relationship? A proposal is the perfect time to be as romantic as you can. Romance is best unexpected. Surprise her with a romantic trip or a romantic dinner - arrange with the restaurant to bring out champagne after you have proposed, place the ring somewhere it will suprice her. It is also important that while being original you make the proposal personal to both of you. Propose at a special place you both like to go, the place where you first met or shared your first kiss. Here are some ideas for romantic, personal and unique ideas fro the perfect marriage proposal
  • Spell out “will you marry me” is a place where your girlfriend wasn’t expecting to see it.
  • Create a path and trail that leads to the engagement ring – scatter petals to the ring or a line of candles.
  • Place notes and clues around the house, the notes could be points that you love about your partner, once she has read them present the engagement ring and ask her to be your wife..
  • Hide the ring somewhere she will find it and be ready to drop down on one knee.
  • If you take your girlfriend away you could write the words “will you marry me” on the beach in the sand.
Before you propose it is also important to buy the perfect engagement ring that suits your girlfriend style and will have her saying yes straight away. Browse online now for the perfect engagement ring your bride to be will love and will make her fall weak at the knees. What are you marriage proposal ideas? or if you are engaged or married how did you or your other half pop the question? Please share your stories and ideas.