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Most Popular Diamond Shapes For 2017

Diamonds are alluring stones that come in a variety of shapes. Once a rough diamond has been taken from the ground it will be cut and shaped by skilled craftsmen, to become the enticing shapes you see on all of our engagement rings. We have put together a list of the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings in 2017:


Round Brilliant Diamond

The round brilliant cut diamond is the traditional and most popular choice for an engagement ring. We sell on average 80% more round diamonds than anything other shapes. The round diamond consists of 58 facets divided among the crown, girdle and pavilion of the stone. For this shape diamond you should look for ultimate brilliance and sparkle, we recommend opting for a very good or excellent cut stone.


Princess Cut Diamond

The second most popular diamond shape is the Princess cut diamond. This square shaped stone is a fancy cut diamond, similar to the round brilliant cut diamond. The princess cut allows more light to enter the diamond in comparison to any other square or rectangular diamond, giving it a beautiful fiery brilliance. Symmetry has a big impact on Princess cut diamonds - perfect the cut and you can’t go wrong.

Pear-Cut-Diamond-Steven-StonePear Shaped Diamond

Pear shaped diamonds have become increasingly more popular especially for engagement rings. The soft sides of the tear drop shaped diamond create a strikingly elegant look with its rounded top and pointed bottom. The Pear shaped diamond is prone to the ‘bow tie’ effect, where a dark shadow may be visible across the centre of the stone. This is a result of cut angles and proportions, so it’s recommended to select a high cut grade. The long shape of the Pear diamond does have its benefits as it has the effect of elongating smaller fingers.

Oval-Diamond-Steven-StoneOval Cut Diamond

The Oval diamond is a beautiful shape and is renowned for the way it sparkles and reflects light. It has become very popular for engagement rings as the oval cut optimises carat weight, so lower carat grades will appear slightly larger. Oval diamonds, similar to Pear diamonds, can be prone to the bow-tie effect. This is usually the result of poor cut angles, so we recommend selecting a very good cut diamond.

Marquise-Diamond-Steven-StoneMarquise Cut Diamond

The Marquise cut diamond has 58 facets, including 25 on the pavilion and 33 on the crown. This diamond shape is steeped in history and romance with the shape originating from the French Monarchy when King Louis XV commissioned a jeweller to create a diamond shape which resembles the lips of his mistress. As with many of these diamond shapes cut is very important as the stone requires precision for ultimate brilliance. Dark areas may appear across the stone, if the diamond isn’t well cut.