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Remenber Your Engagement with "Pap the Question"

Weddings, Christings, Birthdays and other special, significant moments in a person’s life are all captured on camera, so why not captured the moment you get engaged on camera. Marriage proposals in America have gone to the next level, as you can now order a secret photographer to capture the magical moment when you propose on camera without your partner knowing! The service is called ‘Pap the Question’ and now anyone can get engaged like a celebrity by capturing the moment on camera.

The idea for Pap the Question came from photographer James Ambler – a former paparazzo, after proposing to his girlfriend with no photographs to remember the special day. James, in complete secret will photograph your marriage proposal with images that show your partners emotions, the moment you ask for her hand in marriage and present the sparkling diamond engagement ring. With social platforms like, Facebook and Twitter you can share the images to all your friends, so they can see the special moment you proposed to the one you love.

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