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Some Great Tips to Help You Buy an Eternity Ring

As we all know next month is love season. With the 14th of Feb approaching fast, we have put together some tip on buying an eternity ring –a great gift to show your love is eternal. diamond eternity rings styles of eterenity rings To make it easier there are four basic steps to consider to help you buy - selecting the diamonds/gem stones for the ring, choosing the metal type, deciding on the thicknesses of the band and getting her finger size right.


A diamond eternity ring can come in two styles – 1. With diamonds set all the way around the band 2. With diamonds set half way around the band. As the ring style is set with a row/rows of diamond or gemstones the stone shapes we recommend are round, princess, baguette and carré. Depending on your personal tastes you could opt for just diamonds set on the ring or a mixture of diamonds and other gem stones like Sapphires or Rubies. When it comes to setting you have four options. Channel set - where the diamonds are set in a long continuous row with no gaps in between. Pavé set - a vintage style where the diamonds are set very close together in small beads in the metal. Cut Down Set - where the diamonds are set in small cuts in the metal with make them more visabel on the side of the ring. Claw Set – where the diamond are set in traditional claws or prongs in the metal


As this style of ring is going to be worn every day- usually with an engagement ring and wedding ring, it should be made in a precious metal. The precious metal types are as follows – White Gold - probably the most popular choice and it’s always better to go for 18ct. Yellow Gold – Again always better to go for 18ct, the metal colour is a traditional option. Rose Gold - Very stylish at the moment and looks great with the other colours. Platinum - a more expensive option, but a great choice for a white metal. Palladium – new to the precious metals and a cheaper option as its less heard of for jewellery. The metal colour is white and still hard wearing. For more information on precious metals read our metal comparison guide

Ring Widths..

The ring width refers to the actual with of the band measures in millimetres and how thick you want it to be on your finger. Width sizes are available from 2mm to 5mm+.

Finger Size..

If you know the her ring finger size great, but if you don’t the best option is to get the same size as the rings she wears on the finger the eternity ring will sit. Just remember that if you are opting for a full set diamond/gem stone eternity ring it’s important to get the size right as this ring style is extremely difficult to re-seize. If the ring is going to be worn on her wedding finger, it’s always best to match the design to her engagement and wedding ring style, using the same metal, width and diamonds.