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Steven Stones Top Sellers: Engagement Ring

As we have all seen and heard many times in the past, the most classic and popular style of diamond ring on the market today is the classic solitaire style diamond ring.  Featuring a single centre stone, this popular design has become the most widely recognized design of all diamond rings on both the fine jewellery and bridal jewellery markets.  While it is easy to see why this particular design of diamond ring remains so popular, some consumers still want something a bit different, without necessarily straying to far from the basic solitaire style diamond ring design.  For those of you we offer the following diamond ring which has secured a spot on the Purely Diamond’s top seller’s list.  One look at this stunning diamond ring and it’s easy to see why. For starters, if you want luxury and elegance in your diamond ring, nothing beats the look and feel of platinum so what better precious metal to have this magnificent diamond ring cast from.  Offering a high gloss finish that simply gets even more beautiful with time, this diamond ring also provides a durable finish which will serve you well for generations to come, making it a perfect heirloom diamond ring piece to share with future generations.   Set in the centre of this stunning diamond ring is a single round brilliant cut diamond which has been expertly faceted to maximize the internal fire and shine of the diamond itself.  Set in place with a classic claw or prong setting, this diamond is held firmly and beautifully.  For a special ‘twist’, the band of the diamond ring itself features a unique curve to it, giving the diamond ring a twisted design that is sure to turn heads.  It is the perfect modern twist on a classic design, making this diamond ring the ideal choice for people who want the best of both worlds, both new and old, in their diamond ring.   This diamond ring makes for a stunning engagement piece and serves just as well as a fashion statement when being worn as a dress or right hand diamond ring.