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The Reasons We Love Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

With so many choices between different diamond cuts for engagement rings and wedding rings, it makes it difficult to pick a cut. The diamond you pick for an engagement ring is also very important as it represents the three major cornerstones of a strong relationship – love, faith and commitment. Emerald cut diamonds are a perfect selection if you want an elegant, timeless, classic engagement ring. Emerald cut diamonds are known for their understated classic beauty. Instead of the sparkle of a brilliant cut diamond, emerald cut diamonds have a less fiery elegant appearance fiery with their long lines and dramatic flashes of light. The cut of the emerald diamond is a type of step cut where the facets of the diamond resemble actual steps with rows of pavilion and crown facets that run parallel to the girdle. The shape of the diamond is rectangular with slightly cut corners. Initially the cut of the diamond was created for use in emerald gem stones; however the classic looking cut started being used on diamonds giving the diamond cut is name. Emerald cut diamonds were popular during the 1920s to late 1940’s Art Deco period, and have always remained a classic diamond choice for engagement rings and diamond set wedding bands. The elongated shape of the emerald cut diamond engagement ring is often matched with accent stones like baguette cut diamonds or pear-shape diamonds. If you are planning on buying an emerald cut diamond for use in an engagement ring or other jewellery piece, we recommend a length to width radio of 1.30 and 1.40 mm and to also select a high clarity and colour grade as inclusions, marks and tints of yellowness are more visible to see it step cut diamonds.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

Here’s a range of styles of emerald engagement rings with diamond set on the shoulders, as solitaire rings, in white gold and yellow gold.

Shoulder Set Diamond Emerald Engagement Ring

emerald engagement ring A white gold emerald engagement ring with round diamonds set on the tapering shoulders emerald engagement ring design Emerald cut diamond engagement ring with princess cut diamonds channel set on the shoulders

Classic Solitaire Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

Classic solitaire emerald cut diamond engagement ring Classic solitaire emerald cut diamond engagement ring emerald engagement ring design A single stone emerald diamond engagement ring in yellow gold

Three Diamond Emerald Engagement Ring

emerald diamond engagement ring with accent baguette side diamonds Emerald diamond engagement ring with accent baguette side diamonds

Emerald Diamond Wedding Ring

emerald diamond wedding ring Emerald diamond wedding ring