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The Story of The Orloff Diamond

The Orloff diamond is one of the worlds most famous diamonds which has had an exceptional journey since its discovery and is now a historical jewels with a rich heritage amassed by the rulers of Russia before the 1917 Revolution. orloff diamond Diamond Discription.. The diamond is a stuning, rare slightly bluey, greenish diamond colour and weighs a whopping 300 carats. Its cut is an old style Mogul-cut rose and it has a completely flawless clarity. The shape of the diamond has been described as resembling half a pigeon's egg and its upper surface has rows of triangular facets, with corresponding four-sided facets appearing on the lower surface. The diamond has a total of 180 facents. The Story.. Its said the Orloff Diamond was first discovered in India and was originally set as the diamond eye of Vishnu's - one of the Hindu Gods in the innermost sancturary temple in Sriangam. The diamond was then reported stolen in the 1700's by a French deserter. The stone was then sold to an English sea-captian for £2,000. The diamond then maid its way to Amsterdam where the Rushian count Grigori Orloff bought the stone after hearing great rumous of it for £90,000 and took it back to Russia for his wife Empress Catherine the great. This is where the stone got its name. Once Catherine recieven the stone in was mounted in the Imperial Sceptre. In 1812 when fears Napoleon and his great army were about to enter Moscow the Orloff was hid in a priest's tomb, but Nepoleon eventually discovered the diamonds location, when he was about to claim it as his own the priest appeared and cast a curse upon the army and Nepoleon and his army scampered away with out the Orloff Diamond. Nowadays the Orlov Diamond is still mounted in the Imperial Sceptre and is one of the most important items in one of the greatest collections of gems and jewellery.