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The World’s Most Unusual & Quirky Marriage Proposals

Here are five of unusual yet quirky marriage proposals.

Groupon Marriage Proposal

One guy proposed by creating a Groupon page. As he knew his girlfriend was a big fan and received daily email offers from the site, he contacted Groupon to put together the page asking her to marry him, knowing she would receive it. The deal was sold to her and she said yes. groupon marriage proposal

A Magazine Cover Marriage Proposal

One guy contacted his girlfriend's favourite magazine, asking if they would put together a front cover with the words “will you marry me” along with his girlfriends name and a large cover image of him. The magazine was sent to her and she happily accepted the proposal. magazine cover marriage proposal

A Marriage Proposal with Dancing Carrots

A man in China organised 48 of his friends to dress up as carrots, gathering them in a public square in Qingdao to perform a special dance in front of his girlfriend. The guy then took off his carrot costume and proposed to his girlfriend. dancing carrot marriage proposal

Cinema Marriage proposal

One guy wanted his marriage proposal to his girlfriend to be just like the movies as they were both film fanatics. The guy decided to record his own trailer beginning with him asking her father - leading up to the proposal, while his girlfriend sat in the Cinema watching the trailer. At the end of the trailer the guy filmed himself making his way to the cinema where he burst in and asked his girlfriend to marry him , presenting her with a beautiful engagement ring.

cinema marriage proposal

Crossword Puzzle Marriage Proposal

One guy asked his girlfriend to marry him in the Washington Post crossword puzzle, which he new she did every week. The puzzle was uniquely designed to spell out his girlfriends name and the words “will you marry me”

crossword marriage proposal