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Top 6 Tips to Know Before Buying Your Engagement Ring

Here are 6 top tips to help you buy a quality diamond engagement ring at great value. 1. Decide the Budget For Your Engagement Ring Before you even start looking around for engagement rings you need to decide the budget you can spend on it. The average person will spend up to two months salary but you should only spend what you can afford without getting too much into debt. 2. Metal Type The next step is to choose the metal you want your engagement ring to be made in. The popular metals for engagement rings are platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. These metals are also the most hard wearing and durable for jewellery worn every day. Read this metal comparison for more info. 3. Setting Type The setting for an engagement ring is the part where the diamond sits. The most common settings for engagement rings are claw set and bezel set. Claw set is where the diamond is held in place by prongs usually 3, 4 or 6 claws depending on the shape of the diamond. A bezel setting is where the diamond has a metal rim encircling the sides of the diamond and extends slightly above it. If you want a more vintage look for your engagement ring opt for a halo setting where the main diamond is surrounded by a boarder of small diamonds. You also need to decide if you want a simple yet classic solitaire engagement ring setting or a more extravagant engagement ring setting with diamonds set on the shoulders of the band. 4. Diamond Shapes Once you have selected the setting type for your engagement ring the next step is to pick a diamond shape. Traditionally most engagement rings are made with round shaped diamonds or princess cut shaped diamonds. In recent years emerald cut diamonds have become popular to wear, mainly due to celebs like beyonce and Kim Kardashian who both received huge emerald cut diamond engagement rings. Longer diamond shapes like marquise and oval are perfect for smaller fingers as they extenuate the finger. Below is list of all the diamond shapes available. Diamond Shape Diagram 5. Diamond Characteristics There are four main diamond characteristics you need to know about known as the 4-Cs of a diamond– diamond cut, diamond colour, diamond clarity and diamond carat weight. Diamond cut is what gives a diamond its sparkle and brilliance when light is reflected through it. Each diamond shape is cut is a specific way with different propositions and angles. Ideally when light passes through a diamond it should refract and bounce back out through the top in a rainbow of colours. Diamond grading reports will rate the overall symmetry of a diamonds facets looking at how well they align with each other. There are three different types of diamond cuts that determine its quality – Ideal, Deep and Shallow. Diamond Colour in a white diamond refers to the lack of colour it has - the clearer the better. Colour grades start at D - colourless and more expensive to Z which has a light yellow colour. Diamond Clarity refers to the amount of natural inclusions the diamond may have . The scale for grading a diamond clarity starts at Flawess – flawless of any natural imperfections to SI2. Diamond Clarity Scale Diamond carat weight refers to how much the diamond weight not its size. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams. Carat weight is also divided into 100 points, so 50 points is hals a carat and 25 points is a quarter of a carat. 6. Buy Engagement Rings Online We always recommend that you buy an engagement ring online. You can save small fortunes online these days as your not paying for the overheads the big branded jewellers have. If you do buy an engagement ring online look for a well established jeweller, that sells GIA or AGI certificated diamonds and has a 14-30 day return policy. We also recommend that you check all reviews on the jewellers before you buy.