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Unique Designs Inspired By Bridgerton’s Leading Ladies

Sweeping the nation off its feet, Netflix’s period drama, Bridgerton, has not only brought romance and scandal to our screens, but some truly sensational pieces of diamond jewellery.

Since airing in December 2020, here at Steven Stone we’ve seen a huge influx in requests for elongated stones and teardrop diamonds, similar to those worn by Bridgerton’s leading ladies. And, whilst many have opted to restore the beauty of their vintage pieces, others have been searching for new items with traditional charm.


To celebrate the show’s success and help those looking to recreate this timeless look, we’ve designed two unique collections inspired by TV’s Regency royalty.

The Harvest collection which includes a show stopping 15ct diamond necklace, along with a 2ct diamond ring and 4ct earrings is perfect for those who favour Lady Danbury, as it’s designed in a similar style to her phenomenal 300ct white gold marquise necklace.

The season’s most eligible young ladies, Daphne and Marina, have also been famed for their sparkling jewels. We adored the gold pear shape diamond necklace Daphne wore in episode one, not to mention the gold diamond necklace Marina showcased at one of the many glamourous balls, which we used to inspire our Morganite collection.

Take a look below to see our beautiful Bridgerton collections. From unmissable necklaces to understated earrings, there’s sure to be a piece to suit your style.


The Harvest Collection

Despite her no-nonsense nature, after taking the Duke into her care when his mother passed, we can say for certain that Lady Danbury has a heart filled with gold – not to mention a jewellery box packed with diamonds.

Dazzling viewers with her sparkle, you’ll probably remember the sensational tiara and matching necklace she displayed at the beginning of the series. Taking a close look, we valued Lady Danbury’s 300ct white gold marquise diamond necklace at around £3million, whilst her 500ct diamond tiara would cost a jaw-dropping £5million if sold today, making it the most expensive piece of jewellery on the show.

Credit: Netflix

Bending the knee to Bridgerton’s most lavish royal lady, our Harvest collection is designed to complement her exquisite set and reinvent her unmistakable style.

Sure to make a statement, the elongated Harvest ring contains 2ct of diamonds and will be hand crafted by our master goldsmith. As with all our bespoke jewellery, you can choose from 18ct white, yellow, or rose gold.

A popular accessory in the 18th century, drop earrings are adored by the ladies of Bridgerton. Teamed with a simple, elegant up-do, our 4ct diamond earrings are destined to steal the attention of a handsome Duke or Prince - even the ones who pledge never to marry. 

Caption: Ring: £3,900 Earrings: £9,500

For those who truly want to take on the role of Lady Danbury, we couldn’t resist recreating the iconic statement necklace itself, using 18ct gold and 15ct of fine diamond.

While there may be a lot of costume jewellery available to buy in a similar style, this luxury piece is the first of its kind to be designed in the UK this year. 

Caption: Necklace: £62,000

The Morganite collection

Throughout the entire series, Daphne sported some of the show’s most eye-catching jewellery.

From the huge white gold diamond necklace given to her by Prince Fredrich in episode 4 - which we estimate to be worth a staggering £3.5million – to the delicate gold pear shaped piece in episode one, valuing at around £600,000, Miss Bridgerton’s elegant collection has proved to be popular with fans around the world.

Credit: Netflix

Alongside Daphne’s diamonds, fans have also been swooning over another enchanting piece worn by Marina Thompson at the Danbury ball. After close analysis, we anticipate that the extraordinary white gold diamond necklace she wore to compliment her yellow gown would be worth around £1.5million if sold today. 


Credit: Netflix

Capturing the true essence of Bridgerton, our morganite collection radiates in beautiful pink tones, making the perfect symbol of love.

Feminine and elegant, morganite is a precious gemstone traditionally said to attract peace, compassion, joy, and inner strength. A worthy investment for any leading lady, our vintage style necklace has 18 individual stones making it 25ct in total.  

Necklace: £7,300

To complete the collection, we’ve also created a 5ct oval morganite ring and the perfect pair of 5.5ct drop earrings, all of which are made to order.



Ring: £2,750 Earrings: £2,900. 

If you’d like to find out more about our Bridgerton inspired pieces, you can book a virtual consultation with one of our experts.