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Vintage wedding planning - the brief guide

Since the term Vintage could be quite broad and although you and your partner might have agreed on a certain theme, you might end up with completely different ideas of how the wedding service would look like. For instance, a 1930s wedding could be a glamorous and sophisticated celebration in an extravagant venue or a DIY bohemian ceremony in the forest. To ease the wedding planning process, Steven Stone experts have pulled together a brief guide to vintage wedding planning.

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Choose your era

Once you have decided which epoch to use for inspiration, you can easily pick the wedding invitations, accessories, wedding favours, bouquets and all other details around your wedding. Surely, you could still reuse the best trends of each age, but selecting a certain main epoch would make the whole planning much easier for your wedding planner, DJ, stylist and guests. Discuss with your partner exactly what it is that you want for your big day. Use visuals, watch films, research and talk about it. Take your time and make sure you both want the same thing before moving ahead and planning.

The venue

Would you like to have a 1967 Summer of Love inspired wedding on
a sunny field or a glitzy 1980s themed reception in a fancy venue? Apart from reflecting the chosen era, the venue must have the capacity to fit all your guests and offer accommodation if necessary. The venue needs to be affordable and free on the date when you plan to get married. Depending on your preferences, finding the right venue could be quite costly and complicated process. On the other hand, if you opt for a venue with a simplistic interior, you can easily build and transform it with a little creativity and decoration.

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The decor

The decor is the most crucial factor to vintage wedding planning and the overall atmosphere. Whether we are talking about small details like table centre pieces and flowers or larger decorations such as pavilions, the decor is what truly creates the special atmosphere for your big day. The everlong romantic pearl strands make the universal vintage choice, you can’t possibly go wrong with them. Wrap them around your bouquet or place on to the table centres. Crystals or faux feathers would help acquire that 1930s atmosphere, while a little bit of neon splashes and boom-box decorations would give you that genuine 80s feeling.

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The dress code

Browse the most iconic evening gowns and accessories from the decade and incorporate your favourites into the bridesmaids’ gowns and wedding dress, accessories and jewellery. Let your guests know in advance what the theme of the wedding would be, but don’t be overbearing. Ideally, mention the theme in the invitations to give hints of your intentions, but avoid ‘fashion police’overtones. After all, the wedding is to celebrate your marriage and having fun. Furthermore, the dress code doesn’t have to be a must for your wedding - the décor could be the only retro themed element of your wedding.

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