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What is a palladium ring?

Palladium has been used in creating luxurious jewellery since 1939. With their radiant white shine they provide an alternative to engagement or wedding rings made from white gold or platinum.

Many metals can fall victim to tarnishing due to alloys reacting with the moisture and sulphur in the air. However, due to palladium having a purity of 95%, it is highly resistant to tarnishing, making it perfect for those who are more active or work demanding jobs.

While many turn to white gold when looking for a luxurious white sheen, the need to re-dip the ring can make palladium a stronger alternative. Alongside this, the precious metal makes a perfect ring for weddings, engagements or any other celebration thanks to a beautiful white shine that is often more radiant than white gold or platinum.

Another benefit to palladium is the hypoallergenic characteristics which means that it is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. This again can be attributed to the impressive purity which means that the ring doesn’t need to be alloyed with other metals such as nickel, which can cause allergic reactions. Usually, if you or your partner had an allergy that prevented gold from being worn, then platinum would be the next obvious choice.

However, platinum is typically more expensive than gold, due to the scarcity of the metal and can fall outside of a strict budget. Palladium jewellery provides a lower cost alternative without sacrificing any of the beauty that comes with every engagement or wedding ring. Many couples who decide to use platinum do so because of the natural patina it develops over time.

Due to being in the same group of metals as platinum, palladium rings can also get this effect and while it can be easily fixed with a quick polish, it gives the jewellery a much-desired vintage look. When shaped into a ring, Palladium combines a beautiful steel-white shine with the strength to hold a diamond of any size secure.

The main focus of an engagement ring is the beautiful stone that adorns it and the metal that makes up the band is there to help make it even more special. Many couples look for a band to help bring out the diamond’s sparkle and with palladium being one of the most radiant metals available, it can truly provide the perfect look for you or your partner to wear for the rest of your lives.