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What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring is a beautiful piece of jewellery that takes precious metals such as platinum or gold and sets several diamonds around them. With origins that can be traced back to the Egyptian era, the eternity ring has been a symbol of everlasting love for centuries. With some suggesting it as a one-year anniversary gift and others saying it should be given after the birth of a child, knowing the right moment to gift an eternity ring can be confusing. Traditionally the eternity ring is given after the engagement and wedding ring, so is often a gift to signify a milestone anniversary. For example, the present for a 50th anniversary is typically gold, so an eternity ring with a yellow gold band could be the perfect gift for this momentous occasion. gold diamond eternity ring One our special gold diamond eternity rings However, eternity rings aren’t purely given to commemorate an anniversary, the jewellery also represents the circle of life. Therefore, they are also frequently given to a mother as a gift to celebrate the introduction of their first child into the family. In truth, the eternity ring symbolises the everlasting love between two people and doesn’t need to be given on a specific occasion, just when the feeling is right. If you are preparing to surprise someone with one of these elegant rings, then it’s best to know what your options are and how it should typically be worn.

What are the different types of eternity rings?

Typically, there are two different styles of eternity rings and both feature a variety of settings and diamond cuts. Before you decide on the intricacies, you need to decide which ring would look best and for this you need to know the difference.

Full eternity rings

The classic eternity ring features diamonds or another gemstone set all around the band to create a fully adorned circle. This emphasises the symbolism of eternal love while also making the ring look truly spectacular. full diamond eternity ring A Steven Stone full diamond eternity ring

Half eternity rings

This style of eternity ring features diamonds or other gemstones set across the top half of the ring. While it may seem like a more budgeted version of the full eternity ring, it provides a quality over quantity approach with fewer diamonds potentially allowing couples to invest in a centre piece of a higher carat. half diamond eternity ring A bespoke half diamond eternity ring Just like any other significant piece of jewellery, there are plenty of ways to customise and make it truly special. With platinum and yellow, white and rose gold available for the band, there’s an eternity ring for every taste.

How do you wear an eternity ring?

Between the engagement, wedding and eternity ring, it can difficult knowing which ring goes where and if one should replace another. One of the suggested ways to wear the trio together is to place the wedding ring closest to your hand, then the engagement ring and finally adding the eternity ring on top of it. Many of the rings you receive to commemorate special occasions are usually worn on the fourth finger on your left hand. This is due to the ancient belief that this finger holds a vein that connects directly to the heart. However, while this isn’t anatomically accurate, the sentiment is romantic and rings are still placed on that finger.
The eternity ring can symbolise a variety of things, from affection and devotion to life and vitality. Whether you’re renewing your vows, celebrating an anniversary or welcoming a new member of the family, there’s never a bad time to give an eternity ring. At Steven Stone, we have a wide variety of diamond eternity rings that are sure to show the one you love just how committed you are.