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What is the Difference Between White Gold and Platinum?

White gold and platinum appear to look identical, with many unable to tell the difference between the two metals, there are some differences which could effect which one you buy.  

Although you wouldn't know it, the main difference comes from the colour of their natural properties. Before being modified, platinum has a natural white hue, while gold is a little more yellow. To successfully craft a white gold ring, you need to combine gold, alloys and a rhodium plating, which makes it appear white. 

When comparing both options, white gold is cheaper than platinum. This is because 18ct gold rings have 75% purity, whilst platinum has 95%. Alongside, this platinum is stronger than white gold, despite being a softer metal. As it's a softer metal, it does mean it can be scratched easier, however, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many customers really like it when the metal looks a little worn, as  gives jewellery an antique look, which as we know is very popular right now. 

However, for the perfectionists who want to make sure that their ring is scratch-free, re-polishing the ring will restore its original beauty. A platinum shoulder set ring with a halo diamond The everyday wear-and-tear isn’t just exclusive to platinum rings, jewellery made with white gold will slowly revert to its original yellow colour.

However, this shouldn’t deter you from using these metals, we offer a free annual clean that will restore rings of any metal to their original natural beauty. One of the main benefits that platinum holds over white gold is the absence of nickel, which some people may be allergic to. Some gold rings are alloyed with nickel and this can irritate the skin around the finger.

If your significant other does have an allergy, then a platinum ring can be the best option. Our diamond jewellery experts can help guide you through the process and ensure that the ring will sit perfectly on your loved one’s finger, without any problems.

A white gold engagement ring However, this isn’t to say that one metal is superior to another. Both are extremely popular options for any type of ring. The pure white sheen offered by both metals compliments any diamond or gemstone perfectly. While white gold and platinum may look similar, they are completely different precious metals, this is mainly reflected through the price due to the purity and density of each ring.

However, despite the differences, both rings will look beautiful with the diamond shining atop it and if you want any help choosing, then our diamond experts will be more than happy to oblige. Get in touch or book a consultation here.