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Which Engagement Ring Should You Buy?

When it comes to buying engagement rings there are usually two main factors that our customers take into account – 1. Budget 2. The diamond Traditionally men spend on average “two months’ salary” when buying an engagement ring, however depending on your own personal finances you may want to spend a little bit less or even a little bit more. Once you have determined your budget its time to start researching diamonds. When buying any diamond you need to fully understand the 4cs of a diamond and the different diamond shapes. A diamond has four main characteristics that determined its value and price, known as the 4Cs of a diamond – diamond cut, diamond clarity, diamond colour and diamond carat weight. The diamond cut refers to the symmetry and proportioning when shaping a diamond for polishing and not the shape of the diamond. The diamonds cut effects the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond and is measured by light balance – if a diamond is poorly cut the diamond will allow less light to reflect through and result in low quality brilliance and sparkle. The diamond clarity refers to the amount of inclusions and blemishes a diamond holds. Inclusions are the internal flaws in the diamond and blemishes refer to the surface flaws on the diamonds outer appearance. Diamond colour refers to either the presence or the absence of colour in the diamond. Most engagement rings hold white diamonds, which are graded by the lack of colour in the diamond. Diamond carat weight refers to a unit of measurements used to weigh a diamond – one carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. Once you have studied the various 4Cs of a diamond and determined which diamond shape you want, you need to consider which aspects are important to you. For example if you want maximum brilliance in a diamond aim to pick a higher diamond cut grade. At Steven Stone you can choose the budget and diamond when buying an engagement ring to suit your needs. With are create your own engagement ring tool. The tool allows you to pick your own the diamond specifications, pick the style of setting you want and the metal you want the engagement ring to be set in. By using our create your own engagement ring tool you are in control of deciding the budget and the diamond type for the engagement ring you want to buy, without the pressure of sales people.