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White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are a popular choice due to their clean, modern appearance. As white gold is a light precious metal, it is perfect against diamonds with brilliance like round cut, princess cut, oval, marquise, heart shaped and pear shaped diamonds as they will sparkle mote against the white metal. White gold engagement rings also look great in a range of styles from single diamond solitaire engagement rings, multi stone diamond engagement rings to shoulder set diamond engagement rings. 18 carat white gold is the best option for use in engagement rings, as it has the highest proportion of gold, therefore better for everyday use.

About White Gold

White gold became fashionable to wear in jewellery in the 1920’s, mainly as a substitute for platinum – as platinum is more expensive. In its natural form, gold is yellow in colour, so in order for it to become white, it is mixed with white metals, such as nickel, silver and palladium. White gold comes in deferent carat weights, depending on the ration of gold and white metals. White gold is 18 ct, 14ct and 9ct – for instance an 18 carat white gold engagement ring will consist of 75% of gold mixed with 25% white metals. White gold engagement rings and other jewellery is usually coated with rhodium for extra shine and sparkle of the white metal.

White Gold Engagement Ring Styles

Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings in White Gold

solitaire white gold engagement ring Solitaire white gold engagement ring emerald solitaire white gold engagement ring Emerald solitaire white gold engagement ring Single stone solitaire engagement rings incorporate a timeless classic designed engagement that looks perfect set against white gold.

Contemporary Engagement Ring Designs

modern 18 carat white gold engagement ring Modern 18 carat white gold engagement ring princess cut white gold engagement ring Princess cut white gold engagement ring If you want a contemporary look for your engagement ring it is better to choose a white metal like white gold as it is clean and sheek looking.

Trilogy White Gold Engagement Rings

three stone white gold engagement ring Three stone white gold engagement ring pear-shaped trilogy engagement ring Pear-shaped trilogy engagement ring Trilogy diamond engagement rings consist of the centre stone to be flanked by two matching side diamonds wither a similar size or smaller then the centre stone.

Shoulder Set Diamond Engagement Rings

shoulder set diamond engagement ring Shoulder set diamond engagement ring shoulder set white gold engagement ring Shoulder set white gold engagement ring If you like the vintage look for engagement rings, adding diamonds to the shoulders of the white gold engagement ring is the perfect option.