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Why Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are Special for Engagement Rings?

We all know that selecting a diamond for an engagement ring is a very important, as you want it to be as beautiful and special as the one who will receive it. So if you want a diamond for your engagement ring that dazzles with ultimate sparkle and has a clear, precise cut - the hearts and arrows diamond is the one for you.

Hearts and Arrows Diamond Background

In the late 1970’s a mixture of Japanese gemmologist, scientists and diamond cutters studied the ideal cut of a diamond along with the present day essential tools for cutting a diamond with the intuition to develop a more enhanced cut to show the diamonds brilliants and light return in more depth. By 1984 the invention of the Firescope helped to display the visible patterns of the perfectly symmetrical cut of the hearts and arrows diamond. The first hearts and arrows diamond cuts were launched in Japan in the mid 1980’s, eventually hitting America in the 1990’s.

The Unique & Super Ideal Cut of a Hearts and Arrows Diamond

The cut of a hearts and arrows diamond is achieved by cutting, aligning and positioning all of the diamonds 58 facets to perfection with ideal proportions and a superior physical and optical symmetry. The diamond name refers to the precise aligned facets and perfect proportions which create unique shapes of hearts and arrows. When seen through a special lens the diamond pattern consists of eight perfectly aligned hearts when looking through the pavilion of the diamond and eight perfectly aligned arrows when looking down through the table of the diamond. A perfectly cut hearts and arrows diamond requires almost twice the amount of time to cut and polish as compared with a commercial quality round brilliant diamond, so can be more expensive to buy. But the result of a hearts and arrows diamond is a more precise cut illuminating more sparkle and brilliance that is clear to see. The hearts and arrows pattern of the diamond is the perfect choice for an engagement ring as it is meant to represent cupid shooting his arrows to make people fall in love.