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Will Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart Get Engaged?

With rumours speculating about the loved up Twilight duo Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart planning to get engaged the media has gone into a frenzy as to why they should tie the knot. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart engaged One magazine headlined that the real life couple are in fact planning their own engagement. A twilight insider also stated that the pair “can’t stand being apart” adding that “they are ready to commit” Here are some of the reason magazines have stated why Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart should get engaged –
  1. They have similar interest like literature and film which is why they are compatible together. They can both relate to their love of creating and acting in movies.
  1. The have obvious chemistry that can be seen with their characters on screen and off screen.
  1. They go out of their way for each other. While Kristen Stewart was filming in the UK Robert Patterson flew from the USA to see her.
  1. Both couples are use to loving, committed relationships as they come from similar family set ups and seem very close to their parents indicating they will deeply commit to
  2. marriage and families.
  1. They have similar life goals – focusing on their careers with a relationship of mutual respect and equality.
  1. They both seem real and live ordinary lifestyles even though they earn millions and are constantly in the lime light.
Each point mentioned above leads to the foundations of a long-term committed marriage. Do you think Robert Patterson should go ahead and ask Kristen Stewart for her hand in marriage? Kristen Stewart would suit a simple yet elegant style engagement ring. This set in hard wearing platinum with a 6 Claw setting is defiantly the style of engagement ring for the Twilight star.