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What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring is a beautiful piece of jewellery that takes precious metals such as platinum or gold and sets several diamonds around them. With origins that can be traced back to the Egyptian era, the eternity ring has been a symbol of everlasting love for centuries. With some suggesting it as...

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Why are platinum rings more valuable than gold?

When it comes to picking a metal for your engagement or wedding ring, platinum is typically a more expensive choice. The main reason for this is that precious metals are priced by weight and platinum is much denser than gold, so any platinum jewellery will weigh more. Another reason why platinum ...

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What is the Difference Between White Gold and Platinum?

White gold and platinum may look similar in appearance as they provide a ring with a white sheen that helps enhance a diamond’s sparkle. However, the main difference lies in their natural state. Platinum naturally has a white colour while gold is naturally yellow. In order to create a white gold ...

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The pros and cons of platinum rings

Platinum is considered one of the rarer metals across the world. While approximately 1,500 tonnes of gold are mined annually, only 160 tonnes of platinum are excavated from a few locations, with roughly half of this going to industrial use. With platinum being one of the world’s scarcest metals...

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How to find your partner’s ring size

When you’re planning to propose to your partner, you typically want to try and keep it a secret. You also want to make sure that the proposal is perfect and knowing the size of the engagement ring you need is part of creating a special piece of jewellery. If the engagement ring is not the right...

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Do you wear your engagement ring when you get married?

From the proposal you may have worn your engagement ring every day. However, with your wedding a few days away, you may wonder what to do with the engagement ring during the ceremony. If you’re unsure about the etiquette behind wearing an engagement ring when you get married, the quick answer ...

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Can I wear my engagement ring in the shower?

Taking an engagement ring into the shower may seem harmless, but every time you wear your jewellery while you wash, you run the risk of causing damage or wear. To help you understand just how this can cause damage, we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions. Can soap damage my engagement ...

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How to clean a diamond ring at home

The most effective way to clean your diamond ring at home is by soaking it in a mixture of warm water and soap, before brushing the stone and rinsing. However, we understand that you may need more information on the dos and don’ts, so we’ve included more detailed information in our short guide ...

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Most Popular Diamond Shapes For 2017

Diamonds are alluring stones that come in a variety of shapes. Once a rough diamond has been taken from the ground it will be cut and shaped by skilled craftsmen, to become the enticing shapes you see on all of our engagement rings. We have put together a list of the most popular diamond shapes for ...

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Top Things To Know Before You Buy An Engagement Ring

The first record of engagement rings dates back to ancient times, when Romans began giving their future brides engagement rings instead of money before marriage. This Roman custom is inspired by an even older tradition originating in ancient Egypt where Egyptians believed that circles were a symbol...

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