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How to match bridal jewellery to your wedding gown

Like most aspects of wedding planning, choosing bridal jewellery can be frustrating and confusing. Most brides search for universal and high quality bridal jewellery, to match their fashion style and suitable to wear on other occasions. Ideally, you will buy bridal jewellery which ticks all boxes ...

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Does my diamond look big in this?

There are several clever tips to optimise your budget when buying an engagement ring. Here is how to make a modest diamond look bigger! With 86% of women stating that the overall look of the ring is the most important factor, the style of the ring is the main thing to keep in mind when buying your ...

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1930s Wedding Inspiration

When thinking of the 1930s, our collective memory brings out glamour, fashion, sophistication and romance. It was in age when men on football stadiums dressed smart, wore tailored suits, ties and hats. A decade in which dressing well was never synonymous with brands and purple labels, but with ...

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Gemstone engagement rings – Blue sapphire

Gemstone engagement rings are an increasingly popular trend especially among millennials, with Blue Sapphire engagement rings as the best sellers. The precious gem is a popular choice for its symbolism, appearance and value. A favourite gemstone engagement ring choice for celebrities and royals are...

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How to create a bespoke engagement ring

You are about to make one of the most significant purchases and ask one of the most important questions of your life. Although there are thousands of stunning, ready to wear engagement rings, bespoke pieces are the way to go if you want to tie the knot with a truly unique ring. Here are some ideas ...

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The clever way to buy engagement rings

As experienced diamond jewellery manufacturers and retailers, we aim to give you a clear idea on how the industry works. There are many processes, suppliers and stores involved in jewellery production - from diamond miners and cutters, through goldsmiths and sales experts. Do you know what you pay ...

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9 things to know before your wedding

Engagement rings and wedding rings are much more than jewellery - they are a symbol of love and the ones we love and should be treated as such. In this post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding ring and engagement ring etiquette Q: Does the bride wear the ...

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Anniversary gifts for parents – the jewellery guide

Just because anniversaries are special to the couple celebrating, it doesn't mean that you couldn't get your parents something extra special. We believe that the most brilliant and timeless gift is a piece of jewellery. For their next anniversary is the perfect occasion to remodel old family ...

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How diamonds are made – cutting process

We believe that educating our clients before making a sale is vital to customer satisfaction. To help you make the best engagement ring or jewellery purchase, we aim to provide detailed explanation of diamond and gemstone characteristics, precious metal features and give as much insight and ...

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Engagement Ring Trends to rule 2017

Popping the question requires lots of planning, researching and knowledge. We understand that there are a million details to sort our before she says YES and we are here to help with our time-tested tips and expert jewellery knowledge. After giving you the technical tips and guidelines on finding a ...

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