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Buying a Diamond Online

Buying a diamond online can be a complicated process, at Steven Stone we are dedicated to making it as easy as possible provding you with our extensive knowlegde in diamonds and diamond jewellery.

Online shopping makes buying diamonds easier than ever and gives customers instant access to countless options and suppliers. To make the best possible purchase, customer Diamond Education is crucial. We have put together a few helpful tips directly from our diamond experts, to give you that extra bit of confidence in picking the right diamond 


1. Knowledge is power

As with any significant investment, you must make sure you understand the most important aspects of your purchase. The initial characteristics to consider when buying a diamond are the stone’s 4Cs –  CARAT,  COLOURCUT and  CLARITY. 

These features interact with each other and affect the diamond’s value and appearance. Selecting the perfect diamond to match your budget and standards becomes much simpler once you understand the features of the stone. See our full Diamond Education guide  here


2. Quality over quantity

One you understand the 4Cs and know your preferences, use all your knowledge when shopping for diamonds online. Most suppliers’ websites have a filtering system which allows you to browse the diamonds with characteristics of your choice. Narrowing your search will allow you to spend more time evaluating the diamond and considering your purchase and other available options. 

Diamond Certificates

3. Diamond Certificates

A diamond certificate is a vital component when selecting a diamond online. The certificate is an authenticating document issued by an independent laboratory. It is very important to make sure that your diamond comes with an independent grading report, providing an unbiased analysis of the diamond’s qualities. The value of a diamond is determined by its quality, therefore it is best to have a third-party certificate instead of an in-house document from the place of purchase.

4. Reputable and reliable

Diamond jewellery and engagement rings are significant investments and lifetime gifts, so you need be confident with the diamond supplier and their customer services. A reputable seller would always be happy to help with any aspect of your purchase. 

Choosing where to buy your diamond from is vital, especially with online purchases. Make sure you check each company’s reviews and buy from a reputable supplier. 

5. Payment options

Once you have determined your budget, your payment options are another aspect to consider when choosing a diamond supplier. All online diamond retailers and suppliers will specify the different forms of payments they accept. They will offer several different payment option forms, as a significant purchase online needs to be treated as such and handled with care. 

Diamond by Steven Stone

6. What if it’s not right?

Online shopping always hides certain risks, even when using the best retailers. Researching diamond suppliers and retailers’ return policies and warranties is as important as researching their reputation and the stone’s characteristics. Most diamond suppliers and retailers offer free returns, exchanges and refunds, usually withinin 30 days of purchase. If upon delivery the packaging seems damaged, our best advice is to refuse the shipment and immediatly contact your supplier. 

We hope our tips are helpful when choosing the right diamond. If you need more help or information on buying diamonds online or any other aspect of jewellery purchases, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Alternatively, click  here to see our complete Diamond Education section.

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