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Find out what Aquamarines symbolise in engagement rings and jewellery


Aquamarines radiate an extraordinarily range of blue, from pale to deep ocean blue, but are mostly found in the light blue range of colours.

These gemstones are desired by women all over the world who love the fine shades, gently complementing most skin tones and eye colours.

The Aquamarine’s light blue symbolizes feelings of sympathy, trust, and friendship.

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For its symbolism, the stone is very suitable for engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings. We can source Aquamarines of any size, shape and colour, to match every customer’s preferences and budget. Get in touch to find the right aquamarine for a bespoke piece or browse our ready to wear gemstone engagement rings and gemstone jewellery.


Origin: Brazil, Africa, Pakistan, Russia, China and United States
Colour: Pale Blue
Species: Beryl
Hardness: 7.5 to 8 on Mohs Scale
Birthstone Month: March
Anniversary Year: 19th

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