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Cushion Cut Diamonds Guide

Learn more about the cushion cut diamond - the classical choice for vintage diamond engagement rings

The  cushion cut diamond is square with rounded corners – a classical, vintage  engagement diamond ring shape, which has been around for more than 200 years.

It typically consists of 58 facets and although it’s not as fiery as brilliant cut diamonds, its larger facets result in dramatic flashes of white light and spectral colours.

To get the perfect square shape for your diamond engagement ring, we recommend a length to width ratio between 1.00 to 1.15.

Due to the larger facets, inclusions or marks may be slightly more visible, so opt for the highest clarity and colour grades possible. Before you shop for cushion cut diamonds, think about what width to length ratio you prefer – cushion cut diamonds come in all sizes and shapes.

Diamond Ratio

These are the recommended ratios, table% and depth% for cushion cut diamonds

Diamond Shape Length To Width Ratio Table% Depth%
Cushion 1 To 1.15 50% – 60% 58% – 68%

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