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Fancy Colour Sapphires

Find our why Fancy Colour Sapphires make such stunning engagement rings

Fancy Colour Sapphires

Sapphires can be found in a range of stunning colours, varying from vibrant yellows, deep turquoise to sharp pinks and brilliant purples. This range of sapphires are referred to as “Fancy Coloured sapphires.”

Fancy coloured sapphires can be so unique in colour, they are known by descriptive terms such as Padparadscha sapphires, which are the peachy pink toned stones, named after the colours of a lotus flower.

Parti-Coloured sapphires contain 2 or more colours and are generally from Australia. Many sapphires change in colour under different light.

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Our experts can help you find the perfect fancy coloured sapphire for any piece of jewellery. Get in touch with our specialists to discuss what is the best fancy coloured sapphire for your preferences and budget. Alternatively, browse our ready to wear gemstone engagement rings and gemstone jewellery collections on our website or visit our stores.


Origin: Sri Lanka, Burma, Vietnam and Zimbabwe
Colour: Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Violet, Brown and Black
Species: Corundum
Hardness: 9 on Mohs Scale
Birthstone Month: September
Anniversary Year:

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