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Gemstone Size

Discover all you need to know about diamonds, coloured gem stones, precious metals, setting styles for different gem stone and diamond shapes and how we manufacture jewellery at Steven Stone.

What To Look For

We would always recommend visiting one of our stores and consulting a Steven Stone expert before purchasing  gemstone engagement rings or other gem set jewellery. We can source a wide selection of precious gemstones in various sizes and cuts. Our specialists can help you find the best stone to perfectly match your preferences and budget.

Gemstone size is measured in millimeters and the given dimensions differ for gemstone shapes. The round gemstone shape is measured in diameter and depth, while ovals and fancy shapes are measured in depth, length and width.

What to Look For

Expert Tip

"When shopping for gemstones online, always request both the carat and dimensions of the stone."

Every Gemstone Is Unique

As with diamonds, the carat weight of gemstones doesn’t necessarily affect the stone’s size. Depending on their origins and unique elements, two stones from the same variety and size may have different densities and therefore, different carats. When selecting a gemstones for an engagement ring or gem set jewellery, consider the size rather than carat.

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