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Marquise Cut Diamonds Guide

Find out what makes the perfect marquise cut diamond - the ideal centre piece to a sophisticated engagement ring

The  marquise diamond is cut is also known as navette, the football-shape cut or boat-shape cut. It has 58 facets, including 25 on the pavilion and 33 on the crown.

The shape originates from the French Monarchy and was invented when king Louis XV commissioned a jeweller to create a diamond shape which resembles the lips of his mistress.

To achieve the perfect shape for your  diamond engagement ring, we recommend a length to width ratio between 1.80 to 2.15. The marquise cut diamonds may suffer from the bow-tie effect, where the centre of the stone might show a visible dark shadow, due to the angling and proportions of the cut.

When shopping for Marquise cut diamonds, carefully examine the upper and lower edges – the stone is prone to chips due to its shape. Because of its long shape the Marquise diamond elongates short fingers and looks stunning when set in engagement rings and pendants.

Diamond Ratio

These are the recommended ratios, table% and depth% for marquise cut diamonds

Diamond Shape Length To Width Ratio Table% Depth%
Marquise 1.90 To 2.10 50% – 60% 58% – 68%

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