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Radiant Cut Diamonds Guide

To find the right diamond for your engagement ring, learn more about the retro radiant cut and its properties

The radiant cut diamond is square or rectangular shaped, with distinctive cropped corners. The diamond consists of 70 facets combining the brilliance and depth of the princess cut and emerald cut diamonds.

The diamond became popular at the start of the 1980’s and was worn in most types of jewellery. The cut was designed for getting maximum brilliance out of a square shaped diamond.

To get the perfectly shaped diamond for your engagement ring or any other piece of jewellery, we recommend a length to width ratio between 1.00 to 1.15.

When choosing radiant cut diamonds, make sure that the culet is centred, all sides are parallel and corners are even.

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Diamond Ratio

These are the recommended ratios, table% and depth% for radiant cut diamonds

Diamond Shape Length To Width Ratio Table% Depth%
Radiant 1 To 1.15 50% – 60% 58% – 68%

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