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South Sea Pearls

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South Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls are of extremely high quality and come in colours ranging from silver-white to saturated golden yellow. Due to their formation location and development period, they are usually the largest pearl variety and are the rarest, most expensive and extraordinary pearls in jewellery.

They form in a variety of the pinctada maxima oyster, which is much bigger than Akoya and Freshwater pearl producing oysters. They rarely come in perfectly round shapes, therefore strands of matching South Sea pearls are uncommon.

The largest supplier of white South Sea pearls is the city of Broome, located on the coast of northwest Australia. Golden South Sea pearls mainly originate from the Philippines and Indonesia. South Sea variety is the most expensive one, as the pearl producing oyster is much more sensitive and difficult to cultivate and due to the pearls’ naturally larger size.

Due to its exceptional shapes and larger size, the South Sea pearl variety is used in designer jewellery, usually with a single pearl as an individual ornament to showcase the uniqueness and beauty of the gem.

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