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Tanzanites are rarer than diamonds and make gorgeous gemstone engagement rings and jewellery


Tanzanites occur only in one place in the world – the East African state of Tanzania. They are blue with a fine hint of purple, creating different hues of colour depending on the intensity of light falling upon them.

For this reason, they are said to be pleochromatic – a rare characteristic for coloured gemstones. A tanzanite’s colour can also appear different when viewed under varying lighting conditions.

It is believed to be a magical gemstone, enhancing spiritual awareness and is used for converting negativity.

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How To Create The Perfect Gemstone Jewellery With Steven Stone

Tanzanites are an increasingly popular choice for gemstone engagement rings. Browse our ready to wear collection or get in touch to discuss our bespoke process. Tanzanites of all shapes and sizes could be incorporated into eternity rings, gemstone jewellery and wedding rings. For more information, contact us using the methods below or visit one of our stores.


Origin: Tanzania
Colour: Transparent Blue and Purple
Species: Zoisite
Hardness: 6 - 7 on Mohs Scale
Birthstone Month: December
Anniversary Year:

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