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The 4Cs of Diamonds


Clarity comprises the stone’s imperfections, also known as inclusions. The less imperfections a diamond has, the higher the clarity grade. It is extremely unlikely for a diamond to be entirely flawless, as almost all include trace minerals or other internal features affecting their clarity rating. In fact, flawless diamonds are so extraordinary, many jewellers have never even seen one.


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Steven Stone Tip

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“Grades of VS2 and higher are classed as “eye clean”, which means the diamond has no imperfections visible to the naked eye. We recommend diamonds with a clarity grade of VS1 or higher, as they offer excellent value for money”

Choosing a Diamond Clarity

It is always recommended to choose a diamond without inclusions visible to the naked eye, as the beauty of the diamond is uncompromised. Due to the poor appearance of diamonds graded in the Included range of SI2 to I3, diamonds with a clarity rating of below SI1 (Slightly Included) are not offered by Steven Stone.

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Understanding Diamond Clarity Ratings

The rarest, and therefore the most expensive diamonds have a clarity rating of FL (Flawless) or IF (Internally Flawless). Diamonds with a clarity rating of VVS1 or VVS2 are virtually flawless with only minute inclusions within the stone. It is extremely difficult to view the inclusions in this quality of diamond, even with 10 times magnification, and impossible to view with the naked eye.

A diamond classified as either VS1 or VS2 possesses excellent clarity. It is impossible to see inclusions with the naked eye within a VS1 graded diamond. Only a mere 1% of VS2 grade brilliant cut diamonds contain inclusions that could be possible to spot without magnification. This makes it extremely unlikely for inclusions to affect the visual beauty of the stone in any way. It is worth bearing in mind that only GIA certificated diamonds offer this reassurance, due to the rigorously high standard of their grading criteria – for this reason all Steven Stone diamond engagement rings are GIA certificated.

Step cut diamonds such as Emerald and Asscher cuts do not disguise inclusions as well as brilliant cuts, so we advise choosing a minimum of VS1 clarity to achieve an eye-clean diamond.

Steven Stone Tip

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“Due to the more open structure of step cut diamonds, such as the Emerald or Asscher cut, inclusions are easier to view. Bearing this in mind, we would recommend using diamonds of VS1 clarity grade or above for this category of diamond cut.”

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