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The 4Cs of Diamonds


Our diamonds are colour graded in GIA laboratories, compared to round brilliant diamonds called master stones. The clearer the diamond, the higher the value. The whitest, most desirable and highest rated colour grade is D. The diamond’s colour impact could be lowered or concealed by other features, such as clarity and fluorescence.

  • White
  • Fancy

Colour: G

  • I
  • H
  • G
  • F
  • E



The term colour is somewhat misleading when used to refer to white diamonds, as these diamonds are essentially colourless.  In this context, it is perhaps more accurately understood if we think of colour as referring to a white diamond tint or shade.

Of course, if you would like a piece of diamond jewellery or engagement ring featuring a fancy coloured diamond such as yellow, green or pink, our team of diamond specialists can help you find the perfect stone. Simply call us on 0800 080 3535 to discuss your requirements.

At Steven Stone we provide diamonds in colour ranges D-F and G-J and not K-Z.

Why Diamond Colour Matters

The colour of the diamond can have a dramatic effect on the price of the stone. With diamond colour, this is predominantly due to the rarity of colourless diamonds compared with those lower down in the scale.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a diamond in the colourless range and the near colourless range using the naked eye. This is particularly true after the diamond has been set within the ring itself.

Diamonds further down the colour scale, especially within the light yellow and yellow ranges of K – Z, have a noticeable yellow colour to them, visible even to the naked eye.

Steven Stone Tip

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“Find the perfect balance between size and colour to optimize your engagement ring budget. We recommend colour grades G-H, as there is only slight difference to D-F colour graded diamonds.”

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