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What is Wedfit?

Learn more about how engagement rings are made to fit with wedding rings

Wedfit Engagement Rings

WedFit is a term used to describe engagement rings with raised settings, which easily fit next to the wedding ring without any gaps. They come in a variety of setting styles, sizes and designs.
We recommend Wedfit engagement rings, as they guarantee that your engagement ring and wedding ring will fit next to each other.

How To Choose Wedfit Engagement Rings

Browse our website and select an engagement ring you feel your partner would like. Most of our diamond and gemstone engagement rings settings are Wedfit. You could find more information about engagement rings in their product description, along with their setting style and precious metal. If you need any more information, visit our specialists in store or contact us using the methods below.
If the engagement ring is not Wedfit, you could select a matching shaped wedding ring.
If you have already purchased an engagement ring but feel unsure about the setting, consult one of our experts before buying a wedding ring.

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