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Diamond Buying Guide

We would like to pass on our comprehensive experience and help you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring

The 4C's of Diamonds

Colour, Clarity, Carat & Cut are vital when determining the quality of a diamond. These quality categories contain information such as inclusions, weight, shape, cloudiness. All of these factors affect the stone’s visual appearance and price.


Welcome to our Diamond Education hub. We are industry experts and a highly valued and reputable knowledge base on gemmology and diamond jewellery. In this section we include everything from the early history of diamonds to revealing our current techniques for creating fine, gem set and diamond jewellery and engagement rings.

Using only the finest alloys and GIA Certified stones has always been the core of our customer satisfaction ideology. While other retailers may wish to hide this from you, we aim to be completely transparent about the techniques, processes, metals and precious stones we use for our products. 

We understand that purchasing and engagement ring or a piece of jewellery can be a large investment. If you are still unsure about any aspect of our process, gemology or just have a general question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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A Brief Introduction to Diamonds

Diamonds are the crystallised form of carbon and develop within the Earth's mantle - the layer between the crust and core. Between 150 to 200km below the surface, extreme pressure crushes carbon atoms together into a covalent bond, changing the element’s structure and forcing its atoms into a new one. Every carbon atom is covalently bonded to four other atoms. Over the course of time, under intense heat between 900 and 1,300 °C, more and more atoms bond together and form diamond crystals. The strong atomic bond is the reason why diamonds are among nature’s hardest and most durable materials.

Diamond Mining

After the formation process, which can take billions of years, diamonds are pushed up through the Earth’s mantle and eventually into the outer crust by volcanic eruptions. Diamond bearing pipes of igneous rock, known as the Kimberlite, allow the transport of diamonds to minable depths. Once extracted from the ground, diamonds are cleaved, cut and polished to enhance their beauty. Today, approximately 130 million carats are mined annually, in countries including South Africa, Brazil, Botswana and India

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Diamond Certification

After a rough diamond is extracted from the ground, it is assessed to determine its suitability for being cut into a specific shape. Only when it has been cut, finished and polished it can be graded by a Gemologist, with quality proven by a diamond certificate. Diamonds are assessed under controlled conditions, based on their characteristics such as colour, polish, dimensions. Steven Stone sells only diamonds certified by GIA - the strictest grading body with the highest ethical standards and integrity of certification.

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Diamond Shape

Steven Stone’s collection offers a wide selection of  engagement ringswedding rings, pendants and earrings with diamonds in various shapes. The shape of the diamond refers to the stone viewed from above and is one of the most significant features, as it affects the diamond’s brilliance. The classic, extremely versatile and most popular shape to wear is the  Round Brilliant cut diamond, followed by the beautiful square Princess cut diamond. If you like the vintage look in stones, the perfect choice would be step cut diamonds with larger facets, such as the Emerald, Asscher or the Cushion cut. Below is a list of the different diamond shapes available at Steven Stone.

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