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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings
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Diamond Shape

Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant Cut diamond is the most popular shape. This cut maximises the fire and brilliance of the diamond.

Princess Cut

Princess Cut diamonds are perfect for those who love the fire of the traditional Round diamond but want something a little different.

Oval Cut

Combining the fire of a Round Brilliant Cut with a larger surface area for equivalent carat weight. An Oval diamonds elongated shape lends a flattering illusion of length to petite fingers.

Marquise Cut

A fancy cut by any standard, a Marquise Cut diamond is perfect for those in search of a unique engagement ring. They often give a larger and more impressive look than other shaped diamonds of the same carat weight.

Asscher Cut

If you like the vintage style of the Emerald Cut diamond and the square shape of the Princess Cut, the Asscher Cut diamond just might be for you

Pear Shape

Resembling a teardrop, the Pear Shape diamond is a unique shape that has both brilliance and style in its design perfect for those who wish to reflect their own personal style.

Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut diamonds are perfect for those who favour vintage style engagement rings and work particularly well in a halo setting.

Heart Shape

Perhaps the most romantic of all the diamond shapes, the Heart Shape diamond combines the fire of a brilliant cut with the age-old symbol of love.

Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut diamond is one of the first cuts to be used in jewellery, and gained popularity during the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. It is the perfect cut to showcase a high quality diamond.

Radiant Cut

The Radiant Cut diamond is a rectangular shaped stone with distinctive cropped corners. A Radiant Cut diamond is ideal for a show-stopping engagement ring.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Browse our unique 18ct yellow gold engagement rings designs, made from the best alloys and completed by GIA diamonds. At Steven Stone we have over 80 years experience in trading the highest quality GIA diamonds, specialising in truly unique yellow gold engagement rings, and other jewellery. We also stock rose gold and white gold engagement rings, as well as yellow gold wedding rings for the special day.

  • Round Simplicity
  • Round Simplicity - 0
  • Round Simplicity - 1
  • Round Simplicity - 2

From £395

Round Simplicity

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Round Twist
  • Round Twist - 0
  • Round Twist - 1

From £455

Round Twist

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Round Compass
  • Round Compass - 0
  • Round Compass - 1
  • Round Compass - 2

From £475

Round Compass

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Round Crossover
  • Round Crossover - 0
  • Round Crossover - 1
  • Round Crossover - 2

From £475

Round Crossover

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Round High Set
  • Round High Set - 0
  • Round High Set - 1
  • Round High Set - 2

From £475

Round High Set

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Round Classic Wedfit
  • Round Classic Wedfit - 0
  • Round Classic Wedfit - 1
  • Round Classic Wedfit - 2

From £475

Round Classic Wedfit

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Round 6 Claw Wedfit
  • Round 6 Claw Wedfit - 0
  • Round 6 Claw Wedfit - 1
  • Round 6 Claw Wedfit - 2

From £495

Round 6 Claw Wedfit

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Princess Classic Wedfit
  • Princess Classic Wedfit - 0
  • Princess Classic Wedfit - 1
  • Princess Classic Wedfit - 2

From £495

Princess Classic Wedfit

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Princess Twist
  • Princess Twist - 0
  • Princess Twist - 1
  • Princess Twist - 2

From £495

Princess Twist

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Princess High Set
  • Princess High Set - 0
  • Princess High Set - 1
  • Princess High Set - 2

From £495

Princess High Set

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Pear Classic Wedfit
  • Pear Classic Wedfit - 0
  • Pear Classic Wedfit - 1
  • Pear Classic Wedfit - 2

From £495

Pear Classic Wedfit

18ct Yellow Gold

  • Cushion Classic Wedfit
  • Cushion Classic Wedfit - 0
  • Cushion Classic Wedfit - 1
  • Cushion Classic Wedfit - 2

From £495

Cushion Classic Wedfit

18ct Yellow Gold


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