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Precious Metals

At Steven Stone we only use the best quality materials in all of our jewellery. Find out more about each precious metal including Platinum, 18ct white gold and 18ct Rose gold.


Platinum is 95% of its purest form and is an extremely long wearing metal. Most platinum jewellery is more expensive than gold due to its purity. Unlike white gold, platinum does not need to be coated in rhodium as it is a white metal in its natural form. Due to the density of the metal, a platinum ring will feel slightly heavier than a gold ring of the same size and measurements. 

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White Gold

18ct White Gold

Steven Stone uses only 18 carat white and yellow gold. White gold is usually mixed with other metals such as silver or palladium, while yellow gold is mixed with copper or zinc. All white gold rings and white gold jewellery is coated in rhodium, which has colour properties similar to those of platinum. The rhodium plating is used to make the white gold look whiter, as the natural colour of white gold is light grey.

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18ct Rose Gold

Rose gold is alloyed with copper to create its signature pink red colour. The metal first became popular in Russian 19th century jewellery and in recent years has made a comeback for engagement rings and other fine jewellery styles. The higher the amount of copper mixed with gold, the more prominent the red colour. The most common alloy for rose gold is composed of 75% gold and 25% copper.

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Palladium is a naturally durable and strong 95% pure white precious metal. It is a metal within the platinum group and is thirty times rarer than gold. Palladium provides the same purity, look and strength as platinum. It is naturally stronger than precious metals like silver and gold and is less likely to tarnish.

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